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Young Jewelers is located in Jasper, AL! Our store front is open on Monday-Friday from 9-5 and Saturday from 9-2.

Feel free to email us at or call us at 205.221.6194 with any questions about our gift registry.

  • Bridal Registry - Our Bridal Registry is complete with dinnerware, glassware, serve ware, home decor, and more! Customers can shop your registry in-store and online for a great experience purchasing your gifts. To register with Young Jewelers, click here to make an appointment or stop by the store. Keep scrolling to the Bridal Registry FAQ for more information on our registry process.
  • Baby Registry - Our baby registry is a perfect way to add flare to your gift wish list for that baby on the way! With items ranging from practical to frilly. To register with Young Jewelers, click here to make an appointment or stop by the store to start your registry.
  • Graduation Registry - Our gift registry is perfect for graduating seniors as they enter the season of senior parties, grad gifts, and graduation celebrations. Click here to make an appointment or stop by the store to start your registry.

Bridal Registry Information

Once you have a wedding date set, you will want begin to think about your wedding gift registry.Complete your registry four to six months before the wedding. This will give guests time to purchase gifts for the big day and will ensure that gifts are also accessible ahead of your bridal shower. Be sure to put where you're registered on the invitation so your loved ones know what to get you.Then you'll be ready to recieve. With Young Jewelers wedding registry, happily ever after begins here.

The Young Jewelers Gift Credit Program allows registered couples to receive a credit in the amount of each gift purchased. The credit received can be used when picking up gifts at a later date. Each Gift Credit details the git that has been purchased, along with an enclosure message and the name of the gift-giver, beautifully printed in script on a card idea for display. After their wedding, couples may redeem their Gift Credit for the gifts purchased or make exchanges as necessary, ensuring that they don't have to return physical merchandise for exchange.

Our unique gift credit program is designed to keep you from having to make returns or deal with duplicate gifts. For every gift purchased from your registry, you will receive a gift credit instead of the actual gift. This allows registered couples to build an account balance for every gift purchased from your registry. After your wedding you can exchange the total value of your gift credit balance for anything you want in the store.

Yes, registering for specific gift items, gives your guests an idea of the items you like and are interested in receiving. You can exchange your Young Jewelers gift credits for the exact amount in your gift credit account for other items. It is your credit to use as you like.

Yes. While we don't stock every item, with enough notice, we can special order merchandise for a tea but these special order items cannot be returned.

While there isn't a time limit, we do have to worry about price increases and less frequently, discontinuations of some items. For those reasons, we ask that you place your order within 90 days of your wedding so that we may get all of your items on order promptly.

When you meet with the bridal consultant to complete your registry, please provide details for the events you have scheduled - dates, times, location, hostesses, etc. Please contact our consultant with any updates.

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